Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Campus Placement Drive of Elan Career & Services Solutions for 2017 Batch @ SBSSTC, Ferozepur

Eligible Branches: BTech Engg passout students in ECE,EE,CSE

Requirements for MNC companies Who are Having Reliance Jio 4G,Idea 4G,Airtel 4G Projects in Haryana,Punjab,Uttarakhand,Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The Interview & Test Conducted by Elan Career & Services Solutions 
on 07/06/2017 in your SBSSTC Ferozpur.

The Selected Candidate will Work with (on roll) SG ENCON and Delton Infra Solution pvt Ltd on 4G Project of Jio India (off Role) for whole India.

Joining Date: 15 June 2017.

You may be deployed at any place where ever company would get the project.

Selection Process 

Written Test (Basic TeleCom and PD 30 min. )
Interview (5-10 min.)

Technical Requirements Having Below Mentions Locations. 

Uttar Pradesh (West)
 West Delhi





Pauri Garhwal

Tehri Garhwal

Job Profiles for ECE,CSE,EE students for Degree Students

 1. RF Engineer
2. Drive Test Engineer
3. Rigger Engineer
4. Fiber  splicing
5. Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1)  Alarm Monitoring & Escalation for 2G/3G/4G Sites to BSS Field Engineers.
Ø  Site/NodeB/enodeB OOS (Out of Service)
Ø  BSC/RNC Alarms.(OMU Board Fault, OML OOS, BSC/RNC OOS)
Ø  C7 Links Alarms( SLCs, HSLs, GBoiP, ABIS, ATER)
Ø  Alarms related to VSWR, RTWP to avoid Feeder cable Theft Issues.
Ø  Monitoring & escalation of various service affecting alarms on various 2G/3G/4G Sites.
Ø  Temperature Related Alarms.

2)   Backend Operations and support (Call handling) to BSS Team to resolve various technical faults in the N/W.

3)   Complete Backup of Network including BSC/RNC/NodeB/eNodeB (XML, CFGMML, CFGBCP, BKPDB, License, NIC Data).

4)   Compilation of various Daily Circle & Corporate NWA Reports of 
2G/3G/4G Outages of the Idea Owned Sites and for the sites owned by various vendors.

5)   Major Activities Performed:-
Ø  Ater Testing in order to cater mute calls problem
Ø  Applying Logic updation timer for MSC Software upgrade.
Ø  Uploading and activation of License in BSC/RNC/NodeB/eNodeB.
Ø  MME Migration.
Ø  BSC LSL to HSL Conversion
Ø  Enabling/Disabling SBHO, DSP Module balancing.

7) Execution CSFB (Circuit Switch fallback) on LTE eNodeBs for Voice                  Calling in LTE technology.
Ø  4G-3G CS Fallback
Ø  4G-2G CS Fallback
8) Initiating Traces (UE Trace, S1 Trace, Uu Trace, Single User CS      Interface Trace, and FFT Trace) for testing purposes so as to cater any call and data related issues.
9) Rectification of various Service affecting alarms like:-
Ø  Time Synchronization failure
Ø  External Clock Reference Problem
Ø  No License running in the System
Ø  Power Mismatch related Alarms
Ø  IP PM Activation Failure
10) To Enable and disable Performance Counters in Huawei BSCs/RNCs/enodeBs.
11) IP Plan definitions, VLANCLASS/VLANMAP definitions, Pings (S1-C, S1-U, IUB, O&M).
12) Providing First Radiation Snapshots/Power Snapshots of various 2G/3G/4Gsites to respective team for monthly submission in order to support ongoing rollout.
13) Boot ROM/Software Loading of BSCs or Software updation of BTS, NodeB, and eNodeB according to latest software version.
Configuration Management:-
Ø  Neighbor’s optimization (2G-3G, 3G-3G, 3G-2G) for better handover experience.
Ø  TRX addition/Deletion and various parameters changes to enhance quality and capacity of N/W.
Ø  Creation of 2G/3G/4G database creation for the ongoing rollout.
Ø  LAC/RAC Changes for ICR partners for their ongoing rollout.
Ø  TAC Modification,E1 configurations, configuring external alarms, UBBP/WBBP card addition, OML definition etc
Ø  Implementing ANR (Automatic Neighbor relationship) & CSFB for fast fallback return to 4G for better user experience.
Ø  To Increase or decrease SD/PD, PCPICH Modification, TCHBUSYTHRESHOLD Changes in order to enhance Quality of Calling.
Ø  Activation/Deactivation of HSDPA/HSUPA in UMTS Technology.

    Tools Used: Huawei U2000i Manager, U31 ZTE Manager

The Basic Salary Start from 10000 for B.Tech. Holder after 3 months of Probabtion Period. 


Delton Infra pvt Ltd 

SG Encon pvt Ldt

Mini. Candidates 8 Students
maxi. candidates 15 Students

2. Other Requirements

We are looking for highly motivated candidates who are eager for new challenges - if this sounds like you, please review our current job openings.
You can apply 1 time per year for a position at Webtech Developers. Please note that multiple applications for the same position are discouraged and will diminish your chances of being contacted. If your skills are a match for the position, a hiring manager will contact you directly.

C#.Net Developers

Candidates with MSC (Comp) / MCA / BE (Comp) or BE (IT) degree. Good OOPS concepts with knowledge of UML and design patterns.

Software Testers

Candidates with MSC (Comp) / MCA / BE (Comp) or BE (IT) degree. Ability to write a test strategy and test cases based on VModel.

Android Developers

Candidates with MSC (Comp) / MCA / BE (Comp) or BE (IT) degree. Experience with Android SDK, JSON and sound knowledge of OOPs fundamentals, Java, and Android architecture.

C++ Developers

Candidates with MSC (Comp) / MCA / BE (Comp) or BE (IT) degree. Very strong c++ and OOPS skills.

Graphic Designers

Candidates with a Degree in Commercial Graphic Arts or Web-Graphics course from a reputable institute.

Content Writers

Candidates with M.A. in Literature or a technical graduate degree with a flair for writing grammatically correct technical content.

Account Assistant

Candidates with MBA/PGDM-Finance degree. Must be familiar with corporate tax accounting using Tally. Responsibilities include; Preparing salary statements, administrating attendance records, bill payments, bank transactions and reconciliations.

All the students are required to kindly report to Mr. Amit Grover @ 9988168581 at 9 am on June 7, 2017.